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Portrait of man gardening for senior living advertising
Man on John Deere tractor for website by Craig Anderson
Owners of Flamingo Motel Ocean City MD for bank advertising
Young ballerina girl in yellow with floating butterflies
Ballet girl in white with swans by photographer Craig Anderson
Red-headed woman in black latex dress for a fashion shoot
Blonde woman in black and red latex dress for fashion and hair shoot
Fashion shot of blonde woman in black and white latex dress
Fashion shoot of blonde woman in black latex jumpsuit
Portrait of senior woman in red dress for trade show booth display
Portrait of man in sport coat drinking beer in mug by photographer Craig Anderson
Portrait of Greek man in hat with horse by Craig Anderson Photography
Couple eating noodles with neon sign
Pastry chef in kitchen with pastries on display
Retro photo of young couple working on yellow Ford Mustang
Retro photo of dad teaching son to bat baseball
Woman drinking coffee on modern orange couch for coffee maker ad
Boy in hoodie jumping splits for energy drink advertisement
Labrador puppy and cat for pet food bags
Bassett Furniture living room with couple by Craig Anderson Photography Inc.
Portrait of restaurant server and chefs
Portrait of DIY mechanic man working on old red truck in garage for billboard ad
Portrait of Chef in restaurant kitchen with sous chef platting food
Private school girl's lacrosse player photo with stick and ball
Photo of senior man soccer goalie at Penn State soccer stadium
Photo of retired gentlemen on golf course green
Senior living advertisement of woman in lap lane of swimming pool
Female high school student with open books studying in library
Fall shot of woman in raincoat for promotional products catalog
Boy getting rained on at water park
Senior couple on bench with bike by photographer Craig Anderson
Girls with glasses taking selfie in optometrist office in front of eye glass display
Woman drinking coffee and working on computer at cafe
Smiling girl close-up portrait for charitable foundation
Man in Harley-Davidson hat with tattoos and motorcycle in background
Senior man in woodworking shop sawing wood
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